Glimpse into Genius: Einstein’s Brain Comes to Seoul
The Korea Herald, November 2002

Korean Homosexuals Struggle with Barriers
The Korea Herald, October 2002

Agencies Censured for Violating Mental Patients’ Privacy Rights
The Korea Herald, October 2002

4 Countries Request Seoul to Reconsider Plan to Deport Illegal Migrant Workers
The Korea Herald, October 2002

HIV/AIDS Drains Labor Force by W240 Billion
The Korea Herald, October 2002

Court Rules in Favour of Employees in Job-Related Illnesses
The Korea Herald, September 2002

A Face Behind Pulitzer: Charles J. Hanley
April 30, 2002

Up to One Fifth of the World’s Children Have Mental or Behavioral Problems
UN Chronicle, October 2001

Afghan Refugees and Mental Health
UN Chronicle, Issue 1, 2002

“Central to the Mission of UNDP”: Strategic Partnership with Cisco System
UN Chronicle, Issue 4, 2001

Desert Yields Secrets to Columbia Junior
Columbia News, December 2000