Here’s a collection of my writings. Most of these are personal opinions and reflections; others are success stories I wrote as public affairs officer. I hope you enjoy them.

I began my career working in crisis countries. Extreme poverty and refugee crises are the defining issues for me — and climate change makes everything worse. I’m also interested in how we communicate science.

George Packer, Lionel Beehner, Sang-Hun Choe, Roger Thurow and Joshua Ferris are some of my favorite writers. Like you, I’m a fan of Game of Thrones (and boy, did the last season make me salty). Yoga is a gift from the gods. It took me a decade to do a headstand confidently away from the wall, so good things do take time.

My great inspiration is my philosophy professor Leroy Rouner from Boston University. He told me what Ex Nemo Non Feces means (“No shit from anyone” in Latin) and said we should never let other people decide how good we are. He used to sign his emails “Ex Nemo and blessings.” So the blog is named Ex Nemo in his memory.